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  • der Kurs besteht zu 40% aus Individuellunterricht (das heißt, dass du Deutsch mit einem sehr guten Lehrer individuell (ein zu eins) lernst in 90 Minutigem Unterricht pro Tag 5 Mal pro Woche).

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    - Wenn du schon B1 abgeschlossen hast, gut sprichtst und willst noch besser sprechen kannst, wir helfen dir auch flißen sprechen zu können, damit du perfekt auf der arbeit sprechen kannst.

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Our Features
With us, you can be sure about the quality and timing of reporting
  • Online access to accounting
    You can access all accounting and reporting at any time and from any place of the world
  • Reduced accounting costs
    Outsourced bookkeeping will cost you 30-40% cheaper than the maintenance of a regular or incoming accountant
  • Tax optimization
    We pay serious attention to the tax optimization and tax security of our clients in order to minimize tax risks.
Our Services
For more information about the services, please contact us via email or phone, or request a call
  • 1
    Accounting & bookkeeping
    Preparing balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, etc.
  • 2
    Tax accounting services
    Preparation of tax returns, tax planning for future taxable years
  • 3
    Financial planning
    For businesses and individuals. Retirement saving plans, debt management
  • 4
    Payroll accounting services
    Gross wages, salaries, bonuses, commissions for employees
  • 5
    Business advisory services
    Focus on the growth and success of your business
  • 6
    Other services
    Business valuation, client check writing software, loan applications
Choose Your Plan
Discounts are provided for regular customers. For more details, call us or request a call
Our Clients Love Us
  • We had a full-time accountant, a part-time one, we have also tried different services, but there were always some problems and difficulties. Finally, I don't have to think about accounting at all and can concentrate on working with clients.
    John Clane
    Project manager in Pixels
  • It is very difficult to find reliable accounting experts nowadays. I want to express my gratitude to your company for the professionalism, stability, responsibility, and assistance provided to our business.
    Julia Ceet
    Jewelry shop Crafs owner
  • I am very glad that I met the KET Accountant. We began our cooperation with the restoration of accounting and reporting after a full-time accountant. Now all invoices of our company are submitted on time, regularly and correctly.
    James Olivier
    Founder of Pic Pen studio
  • We have been using the services of KET Accountant for 5 years now and are very pleased with the results. This experience has shown that sometimes working with an external contractor with a good reputation in your business is safer than hiring a full-time specialist.
    Samuel Willson
    Creative director at SoSoul magazine
Our Blog
In our blog, we share useful information on accounting and financial planning
Starting a business in Ireland
Country-specific for businesses; opportunities and difficulties
Tax planning tips for contractors
Business taxes, pension contributions and income tax
Selling business strategy
An exit strategy should be developed 3 to 5 years prior to to the planned sell date
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3 Nicholas Ave, Dublin, Ireland